About Us

     For over 29 years we have raised Rottweilers as a hobby. For the first 9 years we raised them with other breeders as well as the advice of other breeders. We always tried to breed a great temperament and that beautiful dog everyone loves. We bred anything from Show dogs to Schutzhund dogs. Trust me when I say, "Just because you bought a puppy out of a champion dog does not necessarily mean you have a champion puppy". We have bought puppies out of champions as well as a dog that was already champion titled. When breeding the champion male we purchased, we found in some he did do well with but with others they were not quality at all. Live and learn. When breeding you have to study the overall makeup of the dogs. It took along time and a lot of grief with fellow breeders. Then we then decided to challenge this one on our own.

     In 1996, we at CAMARRRO purchased a few Rottweilers that we felt would work well together and they did. Still to this day we still have some of the most gorgeous dogs, wonderful structure and excellent temperaments. Our litters are always very consistant. We have had people that have been very satisfied with their dogs. Through the years we have had repeat buyers come back for another puppy.

     Please keep in mind that there are no perfect Rottweilers. It helps but all the genetic testing in the world will not 100% guarantee you a perfectly genetic or healthy dog in any breed. 

     We at CAMARRRO strive to raise our Rottweilers to be anything from a successful show dog to a happy family pet.

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   We often get asked this question. "Do Rottweilers get along with other dogs?" Well if that question might ever of crossed your mind, then this should answer that for you. These two breeds have absolutely nothing in common, but raised together...they can live in harmony.



             CAMARRRO'S DRIVING MISS DAISY   *Daisy*   Rottweiler