Longhaired Rottweilers

     The year 2013 is CAMARRRO'S 25th Anniversary of raising wonderful healthy Rottweilers. In this 25th year we got a bit of a surprise. We whelped our first litter to contain long haired puppies. At first I thought they were heavy coated and once they lost their puppy coat their regular short coat would come in. Well it didn't. As a researched the Rottweiler breed even though I thought I had seen it all, her coat is actually a disqualifying fault.

     By the time I realized what was happening with her coat we had already found a home for her brother which is longhaired as well. In 25 years I had never owned such a wonderful Rottweiler. Her boning is any breeders dream. She also has a excellent laid back temperament. The other Rottweilers treat her as if she is a totally different breed. Althought she is not considered showable in confirmation due to her coat, we will be considering doing obedience with her. She would also make a great therapy dog.

     This type of Rottweiler is like no other. I have also researched others who have had the pleasure of owning one of these wonderful dogs. I feel although her coat is undesirable in the standard it would be a waste not to share the experience of owning one these wonderful dogs with others. They are very hard to come by and will be offered as pets only on a limited registration. They will also have to be spayed or neutered between 8-10 months of exceptions! No registrations will be issued until proof is sent to us that they are altered.

      I have had a few people ask me what these dogs are mixed with. One due to the coat and the other due to their size. They are not crossed with anything. They are simply out of 2 purebred Rottweilers that carry the long hair gene.

      Contact for more details. Serious inquiries only! I do have another litter of this same breeding due around August 3rd, 2013. Check back with us for updates.

      ***News Flash*** Litter was whelped on August 4th, 2013. Please refer to the available page for updates on what will be available.


                                                       Lil' Marie

                                          Pictured at 6 weeks old.


                                                         Lil' Marie 

                                              Pictured at 6 months old.



                                                     Lil' Marie

                                                  7 months old.




                                        Lil' Marie's littermate Rex

                                         Pictured at 7 weeks old.


                                          Lil' Marie's littermate Rex

                                           Pictured at 5 months old.


                                          Lil' Marie's littermate Rex

                                          Pictured at 7 months old.